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LITTLEBIGSOUND is a fresh and exciting brand of audio devices that takes your enjoyment of music to a new level of acoustic quality, style and comfort. Our NatureTones headphones with wooden chambers not only have excellent sound properties that are fine tuned to match each particular type of wood. They also captivate music lovers due to their stunning wood grains and natural colours that are unique and one-of-a-kind. This distinguishes NatureTones from other lifestyle products and makes each of our headphones an elegant masterpiece.

We are a small team of passionate music enthusiasts who constantly strive to create class-leading technology. We build high quality audio devices that understand both the science of sound and art of human experience. LITTLEBIGSOUND’s audio devices are immaculately designed and tuned by professional audio engineers, delivering high resolution sound quality and realistic sound stage that immerse you in remarkable music experiences that are breathtakingly real, vivid and warm.

Last but certainly not least, NatureTones headphones are crafted from solid hardwood that has been reclaimed from used furniture according to the principle of upcycling. This way we are giving an old product a new lease of life. Likewise, the largest part of our packaging consists of recycled material. Thus, each individual who opts to wear a NatureTones headphone will at the same time make a contribution towards a more responsible, environmentally sound use of our planet’s resources and a more sustainable world.


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